Technical and maintenance equipment

The sector that comprises the entire technical component. We suggest diverse indispensable equipment to the good functioning of aquariums and terrariums and consequent welfare of fish, reptiles and plants. Tecatlantis only works with high technology trademarks to get quality filters, media filter, water pumps and heaters, which help to keep the water clear and free of impurities. We also produce lighting systems such as T5 and T8 systems, and the great LED lighting, available for fresh and saltwater tanks. Tecatlantis also has a useful range of accessories that allow quick and effective maintenance.

Safe and moderns terrariums for your reptiles and amphibians

Terratlantis produces terrariums, cabinets and accessories, offering a wide range of products to its customers. Specialized in reptile and amphibian care, the brand stands out for the elegance which present in every range and the high quality of the used materials. Terrariums are made of float glass with durable and resilient aluminum structures. They also feature padlock enclosures to ensure security and prevent escape, as well as lighting systems adapted to terrariums and a wide range of bulbs.

Designer, manufacturer and installer of elements for pet shops

Aquatlantis Shopfittings dedicates itself to the design, production and installation of elements for pet shops. This department offers a large set of units, made of floated glass and aluminium, with a high level of durability. These products are projected for fresh and saltwater fish, betta, nano, kois, small and big birds, dogs, cats, reptiles and rodents. We also have a set of service and osmosis furnishings to complement your store, with the units and basins. To assure total satisfaction of the customer, we look at each one desire and needs, helping on the choice of the best solution.