LED light tube of high quality with low energy consumption, long lifetime and indicated for freshwater fish and plants species.

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The new Tecatlantis EASY LED TUBE is a high resistant light unit recommended for freshwater tanks. Available in seven different sizes, these LED lamps replace the traditional T5 and T8 systems. The emitted light is high quality, providing the comfort and well-being of fish and plants. Its aluminium structure ensures and excellent heat dissipation and the LED protection in polycarbonate reduce the risk of breakage. The EASY LED TUBE works with two independent light channels, when used with the EASY LED CONTROL 2plus, simulating the different phases of the day. These light units joint all the LED technology advantages, since the low energy consumption to the durability and the excellent quality of the light.

T5 and T8 replacement

The new Tecatlantis EASY LED TUBE replaces easily the traditional T5 and T8 light units, simply undocking them from their supports and fitting the new LED tubes.

Angle beam

The light beam of the EASY LED TUBE light units has a wide beam angle of high power, promoting a uniform light distribution. The colour combination of these lamps is excellent for the good development of the freshwater species.

Suspension kit (not included)

If you prefer your lamp to be suspended above the aquarium, you can use the Tecatlantis suspension kit, which consists on a steel cable with self-locking system. Simply fit one of the metal supports of the cable in the plastic cap at the end of the lamp and fix the other metal bracket on the ceiling with the help of screws.

Plastic end caps (not included)

In order to use the suspension kit, there are available two plastic end caps to fit in the ends of the light tube.

Splitter cable (included)

Each EASY LED TUBE includes a Splitter cable for connecting it to the EASY LED CONTROL 2plus, functioning with two different light circuits.

EASY LED CONTROL 2plus (not included)

The EASY LED CONTROL is a device that controls the operation of the EASY LED light units. Simply connect the controller to the inputs of the lamp and set the time you want this to turn on and off. It has the advantage of simulating the sunrise and the sunset, turning the EASY LED light units on and off very gradually.

Adaptor (not included)

Pay attention to the power needed for your EASY LED TUBE at the time of choosing an adaptor. If you use a controller EASY LED, also verify the power you will need to connect the equipment.

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