Plants or corals? Freshwater or saltwater? Choose your AquaView and select the filtration equipment that you want. It includes water reservoir. LED lighting available.

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New aquariums without any cover for creating magnificent habitats with panoramic view to the interior. The AquaView are available in five different sizes and are indicated for both fresh and saltwater. Equipped with water reservoir, the filtration system is selected separately, according to the environment that you want. This new range has available a new LED lighting system: the EASY LED 3 LIGHT. It is a lighting system with three EASY LED light units with all the advantages of this innovative technology. The AquaView 120 has a volume of 330 liters, 120 cm long and 55 cm high. Cabinets with high gloss finish material available in black and white. Note: The Aqua View aquariums only work correctly with the respective FW or SW sumps developed by us for this purpose.

EASY LED 3 LIGHT (not included)

New Tecatlantis lighting system that includes three EASY LED light units. With the EASY LED CONTROL 1plus, this system works with two independents light circuits, to control the desired light in your aquarium. LED technology guarantees the high quality of the light emitted, due to its high power, and the low voltage makes it safer. It also allows very low power consumption and ensures a longer life for the lighting. When the AquaView includes an EASY LED 3 LIGHT system, this one is equipped with two controllers EASY LED CONTROL 1plus.

EASY LED CONTROL 1plus (not included)

The EASY LED CONTROL 1plus is a device that allows controlling the functioning of diverse light units (up to four). The controller is connected with the lighting power and scheduled with the time to turn on and off. At the scheduled time, the light units will turn on and off very gradually, simulating the sunrise and sunset. The controller allows the lights turned twice daily. It also includes a light intensity regulator (0% to 100%). If there is power failure, the device safeguards the existing settings. Two controllers included with the EASY LED 3 LIGHT system.

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