Small aquarium made for children, easy to maintain and with high level of fun. The Funny Fish is available in 7 colours.

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Funny Fish 40

Funny aquarium range with a fantastic set of advantages. Available in 7 funny colours, it includes an excellent TC-200 filter of easy maintenance, with filter media, and in option a very safe and economical LED lighting system.

SAFE LIGHTING LED ≈2,4W (optional)

LED technology guarantees the high quality of the light emitted, due to its high power, and the low voltage makes it safer. It also allows very low power consumption and ensures a longer life for the lightning. All these advantages offer the fish and plants numerous benefits for their growth and well-being.

TC-200 internal filter (included)

The TC-200 is a small scale filtration system recommended for aquariums with reduced water capacity. The carbon cartridge allows for efficient filtration, ensuring clean and clear water, without changing pH values. Maintenance of this filter is extremely simple and safe.

Filter media

The TC-200 filter includes foam and a carbon cartridge that effectively remove micro-algae and residual medication that are retained in the water. It ensures clean and clear water, without changing the pH values.

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