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Who are we?

Quality products

Aquatlantis was founded in 1996 by José Pereira,  who has several decades of experience in the production of aquariums. A family business, now runned by his children, and one of the leader enterprises not only in the production of aquariums but also terrariums, filtration solutions, lighting systems as the great LED technology, cabinets and manufacture and installation of Shopfittings for pet shops. The company follows a dynamic concept of production based on quality and innovation. In 2004, Aquatlantis moved into a new, bigger and modern installation, twice the area. In the same year, obtained the TUV certification. In the beginning of 2006, it was concluded the certification process of the company, being assiduously renovated.



ISO 9001 Certification


We intend to provide an excellence service to our customers. Thus, we are a certified company, by the ISO 9001 norms.


The certification process of the company was completed in early 2006 under ISO 9001:2000. In August 2012, it was renovated in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.