Aquariums for turtles, manufactured in glass and designed with the welfare of these animals in mind. It includes a glass protective lid and an access ramp to a dry area, for total comfort. Available with LED lighting system.

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Tortum 40

Especially for turtles, the Tortum range has four different models that include all the necessary elements for creating a balanced habitat. All of them are manufactured in glass and have a protective glass lid on top. They also include a ramp so that the turtles can take shelter in a dry area. 40 cm long, the Tortum 40 can optionally include a LED lighting system so your turtles can benefit from the excellent light quality that this technology offers.

EASY LED Tortum 6W (not included)

The Universal LED model is perfectly suited for the Tortum, fitting on to the edge of the tortoise tank. The lighting bracket has a device with a flexibility of 90º so that you can aim the light where you wish. LED technology enables very low power consumption and offers greater lighting durability. The low voltage makes it safer and the high power guarantees the high quality of the light emitted.

Partial glass lid

The Tortum 40 includes a partial glass lid on top of the aquarium for protection of turtles.

ABS Ramp

The ABS ramp, included in Tortum 40, allows the turtles to have access to a dry area, where they can rest, a practice that this species particularly appreciates.

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